• Latex & Nitrile Promotion (UK only)
  • Direct Customer Multi Product Container Service 20’ & 40’ formats
  • Direct Customer Multi Product Pallet Service
  • Product Sourcing & Procurement
  • Own Label Service
  • Shipping Service – customer buys own stock – goods shipped in Safe-T containers

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Regular Promotion – Latex & Nitrile
Safe-T has a container of latex and nitrile arriving each month for which prices are fixed for mixed 30/50/80 case lots prior to arrival. This price is fixed to be very competitive to reflect minimum handling costs. Orders are dispatched upon unloading of the container though once the stock goes into storage the cost price is increased to reflect this additional cost.
Once any size or item is exhausted, that item will not be available till the next container.

Multi Product container and Multi Product Pallet
Safe-T hold ready stock of a standard range of vinyl gloves in clear, blue in powdered and powderfree and green powdered in stock at its warehouse in China. Red and yellow vinyl is can be procured by special request.

A range of non woven and PE disposable clothing such as mobs caps, non woven coveralls, non woven visitor coats, Type 5/6 SMS coveralls, PE aprons, oversleeves and CPE overshoes are part of the standard stock range.

In addition to these items a range of PPE hand protection is held as part of the standard range including Red PVC Dipped gloves, Cut 3 & 5 PU coated gloves, Cut 5 nitrile coated gloves, latex coated orange and green general purpose handling Grip gloves as well as a range of light handling gloves such as PU and Nitrile coated gloves.

Safe-T can procure a further range of Non Stock items which are made by our regular suppliers whose catalogues can be viewed in the Products section.

From stock held in its warehouse in China, Safe-T can ship at short notice multi product containers direct to distributors at short notice in either a full 20’ or 40’ container format either FOB Shanghai or CIF to any port required.

For UK and EU customers, Safe-T provide an additional service whereby containers can be cleared and delivered on a door to door service where all that remains to be done is for the container to be unloaded with invoicing in Euros or UK£ including all freight, import duty and other costs included thereby giving the customer a Total Delivered Price before the container is even shipped.

For UK customers only currently, an additional service is available where Safe-T runs a monthly mixed customer container service into which customers can load pallets of mixed products which will be shipped to the UK and then delivered by pallet on arrival. This can be extended to EU customers for a surcharge to cover transport costs.

Product Sourcing
Safe-T can source different items within the PPE sector that are not part of the current range for onward delivery to the customer in particular items that are currently already being manufactured by current suppliers.
Other items can be considered.

Own Label Products
Many of the items supplies under the Safe-T brand can be supplied under customer own label subject to quantity and lead times.

Shipping Service
This is available to customers who source own products in China which can be delivered into Safe-T warehouse and integrated into monthly Mixed Customer Service for onward delivery subject to conditions.