Disposable WorkWear

Non Woven PP Coveralls

Available Sizes : S – XXL
Packaging : Individually wrapped x 50 per carton
Available Colors : Color Boxes White Blue
Elasticated hood
Elasticated waistband,wrist and ankles
Zip front

SMS type 5/6 coveralls

Available Sizes : L – XXL
Packaging : Individually Packed * 50 per cartoon
Available Colors : White
By Special Order : Red Blue
SMS (spun bond/meltblown/spunbund) CAT 3 Coverall CE type
5 & 6 EN13982 and EN 13034
2 way zip front with Strom flap
Elasticated cuffs, ankles, waist and hood
Breathable fabric

Non Woven visitor coats

Available Sizes : L – XL
Packaging : Individual packaged * 50 per carton
Available Colors : White Blue Red
Coat with Collar
Velcro fastening

PE visitor coats

PE aprons

PE oversleeves

CPE overshoes